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UM…you guys!! I went over to my sim’s boyfriends house and see him making out with his roommate. wHYY!!! #butweweregoingtomarryyou

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Haven’t played with Bridgeport in forever! 

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Piper decided to go rock climbing today!~

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toddlers are so cute  (✿◠‿◠) 

Also I’d like to thank everyone who’s been so nice and supportive lately, creating this blog has been one of the best decisions ever and I love everyone in the simblr community so much ♥ 

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Update: you can’t send links through the tumblr messaging system (sigh) , so here is the Hospital Overhaul link:,1883.0.html#post_download

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HAHAHA they’re gettin downnnn

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MF SIMS and Everyeye are offering you the chance to win a Origin Key to get The Sims 4 Demo! What do you need to do to participate? Its is extremely simple!

  • Go on THIS page. You will find the professional Giveaway tool that I set up for you. You can collect a total of 7 entries by following the steps listed on that page. Only two of the steps are mandatory,you can choose to have more chances to win the key completing all the steps.
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  • The Giveaway starts on July 16 and it will end on July 24. You have one week to participate.
  • The winner will be randomly chosen by the giveaway tool and officially announced on this blog. I will personally give her/him the Origin key :)
  • The key has been provided by Everyeye that’s why it is the official “sponsor”! So,thank you everyeye.
  • If you have any question,send me a message or a e-mail:
  • Good luck!

This is awesome!

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Park Day :)

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made her at 2am lol

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roller skating disaster…

Please, reblog if you’re a simblr.



I need more blogs to follow.

I do too! My dash is lacking D:

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"she wants the d" :}

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idk why she’s cross eyed hahaha

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wishing i was at the beach right now :(